November Tournament of Parliamentary Debates in Ukrainian.
October 31 - November 1 City educational tournament: "Program of secondary education should include the principles of taxation". Tournament is held by Regional taxation administration.
October 25-27 We take part in Moscow Open championship of parliamentary debates.
October 4-6 I.D.E.A. Conference 2002. "Debate and Argumentation: Opening Minds, Borders, and Societies".
October 2-3 I.D.E.A. General Assembly meeting.
October Regional tournament in Ukrainian: "Fiscal legislation".
October Seminar of Parliamentary debates and Lincoln-Douglas debates.
September 20 Informational seminar on the regional Ukrainian tournament. Location: Lyceum of Economics.
Bi-weekly since September 15 Training "School of trainers of debate clubs"
September 7 Board of adjudicators.
July 17-21 Participating in Ukrainian forum of organizations for kids and youth held by "Club Compass".
July 4-10 Summer camp! "Inter-cultural communication".
June 12-13 Organization and participating in seminar "Rights of youth in Ukrainian Mass Media"
June 9 Seminar "Interview with employer".
June 2 Seminar "Writing a CV".
June 1 Seminar "Organizational structure and working relations"
May 18 Studying course "Kadrovi rishennya". Seminar "Labour Market: Principles of Operation".
May 1 "Majowka" annual festival.
April 27-28 KPD tournament in Ukrainian for beginners. General motion: "An artist is more useful for society than a worker".
April 24-28 Masha Polner takes part in International British Debate tournament in Berlin.
March 28-29 Regional school tournament in English. Motion: UN should expand the protection of cultural rights.
March 18 Kick-off of "Employment solutions" project supported by "Compass Club".
March 16-17 We take part in the seminar "Administrative and Economic Activity of NGO".
March 15 - May 15 We hold a contest of children's art "Lyal'kova kaprizonia".
March 2-3 We hold a training on "Strategy of NGO Activity in Pre-election Period" in Pervomajsk.
February 22-24 Odesa Open - International Parliamentary Debate Tournament. General motion: Youth Participation in the electoral processes of democratic society.
February 9 Demonstration debate: "Verkhovna Rada should introduce a system of mediated electoral rights for the VR elections" held in Odesa National Academy of Law.
January 24-28 A team of Law & Economics faculty of Odesa National University (O. Podprugin & S. Potanin) takes part in "St. Petersburg Open".
January 10 Seminar for participants of school tournament in English. General topics: "Specifics cases for KPD political motions"; a research on "UN should expand..." topic.
January 8 and each Wednesday at 18.00 "Civic Society and its Development Tendencies in Ukraine" TV program is on air on Odesa Channel 38. Tha program is made by A.Moldavanova and O.Veselova.