This is the full list of Odesa region debate clubs.Each club has its own page on our site. There you can place any information, pictures or addresses. If you found incorrect information, or if you want to add smth., please send us an information and we'll publish it as soon, as possible.

School clubs

  1. School 4
  2. School 8
  3. School 52
  4. School 56
  5. School 121
  6. Maryinska gymnasium
  7. Gymnasium of Tatarbunar
  8. Economical lyceum
  9. Rishelieu lyceum
  10. Judicial lyceum
  11. Lyceum of business and right
  12. Medical college
  13. Bilgorod-Dnestrovsk club
  14. Debate club of c.Pervomaysk
  15. Debate club of c.Reni
  16. Club "Sodrujestvo"

Students clubs

  1. Club of physical faculty of OSNU
  2. Club of historical faculty of OSNU
  3. Club "OSNU"
  4. Club of Odesa National Academy of Law
  5. Club of Economical university