All motions ZIPped

Brand New Motions

  1. Multinationals have done more harm than good.
  2. International regulation of multinational corporations should be substantially increased.
  3. International environmental regulation of multinational corporations should be substantially increased.
  4. International regulation of multinational corporations should be substantially increased in order to protect labor.
  5. International regulation of multinational corporations should be substantially increased in order to protect the workers of the world.
  6. International regulations on the activities of multinationalcorporations should be substantially increased in order to protect local cultures.
  7. International community should not interfere with sovereign countries' internal affairs.
  8. Intervention in the domestic affiars of a foreign nation is morally justified.
  9. National sovereignty is an anachronism.
  10. Nationalism is immoral.
  11. Passports should be abolished.
  12. Human rights are universal.
  13. The Kyoto Agreement is justified.
  14. International efforts to protect international rivers are more important than national sovereignty.
  15. Globalisation hinders protection of human rights.
  16. Socialism is superior to capitalism as a means of achieving economic justice.
  17. That globalisation erodes national culture.
  18. Globalization is superior to the maintenance of national cultures.
  19. Globalization is a threat to national cultures.
  20. State should limit globalization in order to protect national cultures.
  21. Globalization should be restricted to protect national cultures
  22. General implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a threat to cultural autonomy.
  23. Human rights ought to be culturally determined.
  24. The State should protect national culture from the effects of globalization.
  25. Globalization is preferable to the maintenance of national cultures.
  26. Pornography should be censored.
  27. EU should promote the pan-european culture instead of many national cultures.
  28. The State should invest in culture.
  29. States should invest in national cultures to protect them from globalization.
  30. Education should become more privatized.
  31. This House should better represent third party views in U.S. elections.
  32. This House would fear rather than embrace the tyranny of the majority.
  33. Society's need for protection outweighs criminal's rights to privacy.
  34. Apologies are not enough
  35. Technology is the new opiate of the masses.
  36. The Electoral College is a threat to democracy.
  37. There is no use crying over spilt milk.
  38. European integration should precede the goal of nation building in Central and Eastern Europe.
  39. Mass culture destructs the personality
  40. This house would return national treasures to the people.
  41. Resolved that the general implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights would unjustifiably restrict cultural autonomy
  42. This House Would Uphold The Right To Spank
  43. This House Believes That Children Should Be Seen And Not Hurt
  44. This House Believes That The Law Should (not) Interfere With The Rights of Parents
  45. This House Would Introduce Formal Qualifications For Parents
  46. The parents have the right to use force on their children
  47. The children's right for a decent life overweighs the parents' biological rights.
  48. The government should spend more on developing social policies in order to decrease domestic violence.
  49. This house believe if you spare the ord, you spoil the child

New Motions

  1. Pets should be prohibited in large cities.
  2. Children should be seen and not heard.
  3. The Patagonia should be returned to the Indians.
  4. Income tax should be 50% of all income.
  5. Democracy is a fallacy.
  6. We are what we eat.
  7. Pollution is a bi-product of progress.
  8. All maps of the world are upside down.
  9. Sports become more violent each year.
  10. Religion is a question of dialect.
  11. People are only in it for the money.
  12. Private schooling should be abolished.
  13. Formal education taught me nothing of value.
  14. Cat people are better that dog people.
  15. Culture no longer exists.
  16. Teamwork is a means rather than an end.
  17. Smokers have rights too.
  18. There are no absolutes.
  19. Individual rights versus communal rights.
  20. Artists are all insane.
  21. Emotional intelligence is more important than brains.
  22. Pupils should not be ranked by grades.
  23. Beauty is important in life.
  24. Corruption rules the planet.
  25. Time is more important than interest in academic success.
  26. Governments should abolish tobacco, alcohol and illicit drugs.
  27. The U.S. government should intervene in other countries to protect domestic policy.
  28. Sex is less important than it was twenty years ago.
  29. We are wilder than previous generations.
  30. The process is more important than the product.
  31. The end justifies the means.
  32. All people are different and should be treated differently.
  33. Consumption of drugs should be made legal.
  34. Bullying prepares children for the competitiveness of life.
  35. Tradition outweighs progress.
  36. Values are absolute.
  37. We could teach something to the English.
  38. Football is the opium of the masses.
  39. This House believes in genetic engineering.

Crime and Punishment

  1. A community's right to know is of greater value than a criminal's right to privacy.
  2. Adults and juveniles should not be imprisoned together.
  3. All states should agree to the establishment of an international court of criminal justice.
  4. Amnesty should never be offered to war criminals.
  5. Bias crimes should be prosecuted more severely than other crimes.
  6. Capital punishment is justified.
  7. Civil disobedience is justified in a democracy.
  8. Civil liberties ought to be restricted in the fight against organized crime.
  9. Civil liberties ought to be restricted in times of political crisis.
  10. Crimes against the police should be prosecuted more severely than other crimes.
  11. Government owes no duty to protect the rights of citizens of other states.
  12. In a criminal justice system, the victim's right to privacy should be valued over the pursuit of truth.
  13. In a democracy, citizens have a right to bear arms.
  14. Judges in a criminal justice system ought to have a right to overrule a jury's decision.
  15. Mandatory drug testing is justified in secondary schools.
  16. Parents should be held responsible for crimes committed by their juvenile children.
  17. Past crimes should not be admissible as evidence at a trial.
  18. Police forces should not be privatized.
  19. Police functions should not be exercized by private organizations.
  20. Prisoners should be required to perform a period of community service.
  21. Prisoners should not be allowed to vote.
  22. The criminal justice system should place a higher value on rehabilitation than on retribution.
  23. The files of the former secret police should remain secret.
  24. The infliction of corporal punishment is justified as a deterrent for violent criminals.
  25. The juvenile records of adult criminals should be made public.
  26. There ought to be no right against self-incrimination.
  27. There should be no statute of limitations on the prosecution of crimes.
  28. Violent juvenile criminals should be tried as adults.
  29. When in conflict, the spirit of the law ought to be valued over the letter of the law.
  30. When they are in conflict, due process ought to be valued about the pursuit of truth.


(Abbreviations: TH = This House; THBT = This House Believes That...)

  1. TH declares Saddam Hussein the winner of this round of the middle-east conflict.
  2. TH prefers second place to first.
  3. TH regards royalty as irrelevant.
  4. TH supports the emergence of a strong third party in U.S. politics.
  5. TH would add public shame to the punishment of convicted criminals.
  6. TH would ban gambling on the internet.
  7. TH would consider cohabiting two-gender couples legally married after six months.
  8. TH would control the communication channels.
  9. TH would curb road rage.
  10. TH would cut out the rhetoric.
  11. TH would dance like a butterfly and sting like a bee.
  12. TH would go back to the old days.
  13. TH would hold the media responsible
  14. TH would home school.
  15. TH would ignore celebrities.
  16. TH would kill all the lawyers
  17. TH would open the gates to immigrants.
  18. TH would penalize U.S. citizens who do not participate in the democratic process.
  19. TH would rather be poor than rich.
  20. TH would reach for the stars.
  21. TH would require human would-be parents to be licensed before having children.
  22. TH would rock the boat.
  23. TH would stop using cosmetics.
  24. TH would take from the rich to give to the poor
  25. TH would throw the television out of our homes.
  26. That a free press is an essential organ of a modern democracy.
  27. That a little learning is a dangerous thing.
  28. That a woman needs a man as much as a fish needs a bicycle.
  29. That activism in politics by religious groups should be banned.
  30. That All drugs should be legal.
  31. That America is an evil empire.
  32. That an informed public is more important than a fair trial.
  33. That Antarctica should be a world park.
  34. That Asian democracies are the meals in the 'conceptual cafe'. There is a plate with nothing on it but we pretend to eat it anyway.
  35. That attendance at school should be voluntary.
  36. That Australasia should have a court of human rights.
  37. That Australia should be part of Asia.
  38. That banner bearers do more harm than good.
  39. That big brother is preferable to big sister.
  40. That boys talk more than girls.
  41. That capitalism would collapse without religion.
  42. That capitalists cannot be environmentalists.
  43. That censorship can never be justified.
  44. That censorship is an insult to the intelligence.
  45. That child abusers deserve to die.
  46. That cigarette advertising should be banned.
  47. That co-education is desirable.
  48. That coke is the symbol of our age.
  49. That conditions designed to prevent child labour should be attached to trade agreements
  50. That corporal punishment is not the answer to juvenile delinquency.
  51. That corporal punishment will sort the buggers out.
  52. That corporatisation of universities will hurt the cause of knowledge.
  53. That corruption is inevitable in politics.
  54. That corruption is the handmaiden of politics.
  55. That debaters make better spouses.
  56. That debating is a waste of time.
  57. That democracy has failed India
  58. That democracy is an illusion.
  59. That democracy is overvalued.
  60. That democracy is the new religion of today.
  61. That democracy is tied to mediocrity.
  62. That demonstrations are a waste of time.
  63. That diplomacy is the tool of the weak.
  64. That Echotourism has failed
  65. That education is too important for politics.
  66. That education should be a privilege not a right.
  67. That EMU is an Emu.
  68. That engineering genes should be left to levi.
  69. That environmentalism is but a western ploy.
  70. That environmentalism should replace capitalism.
  71. That escape is a legitimate solution.
  72. That espionage is immoral.
  73. That experiments on animals should be banned.
  74. That extremism in the defence if liberty is justifiable.
  75. That family and feminism are incompatible.
  76. That feminism is corrupting the family.
  77. That feminism should give way to multiculturalism.
  78. That following orders is no excuse.
  79. That freedom of expression should extend to flag burning
  80. That from Indonesia's point of view, the annexation of East Timor was the right thing to do.
  81. That genetic engineering triggers more harm than good.
  82. That green is an unhealthy colour.
  83. That gun control only helps criminals.
  84. That high fences make good neighbours.
  85. That housewives should be paid for their work.
  86. That identity cards pose a threat to our privacy.
  87. That if God did not exist it would be necessary to invent him.
  88. That imprisonment as a method of punishment is outdated.
  89. That in vino veritas (in wine there is truth).
  90. That intelligence services have no place within democracies.
  91. That intervention is counter-productive.
  92. That Islam has had a bad press.
  93. That Islam received unfair media treatment.
  94. That Islamic revivalism is a reality of tomorrow.
  95. That it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.
  96. That it is too late to shut the gate.
  97. That Japan should be Asia's policeman.
  98. That judges should be elected.
  99. That justice is a myth.
  100. That life is too short.
  101. That life starts at 12.
  102. That Machiavelli is the way to go.
  103. That man cannot be totally human until the machines are destroyed.
  104. That microsoft has monopoly over creativity
  105. That military intervention is a necessary evil.
  106. That modern technology is more foe than friend.
  107. That money is more useful than brain.
  108. That money is our biggest problem
  109. That money rules our lives.
  110. That money spent on sending students abroad is money well spent.
  111. That morals and science do not mix.
  112. That multiculturalism is a mirage.
  113. That national frontiers should be mere lines on a map.
  114. That nationalism is a virtue.
  115. That nationalism is too dangerous.
  116. That NATO is no longer necessary.
  117. That no sportsman is worth 32 billion dollar a season
  118. That non-nuclear nations should stay that way.
  119. That Oklahoma city was a good start.
  120. That old man forget.
  121. That our armed forces should be abolished.
  122. That our future is out of this world.
  123. That our leaders are to blame.
  124. That parenthood should be by license only.
  125. That parents should not be allowed to hit children.
  126. That parliament is no longer the peoples house.
  127. That patenting of medical findings is justified.
  128. That Paula and Monica should change to a new brand of dental floss
  129. That pensioners should be put down.
  130. That politicians are public property.
  131. That politics in sport should be banned.
  132. That poverty is a blessing.
  133. That professional athletes should be able to compete in the Olympics.
  134. That prosperity is the best measure of success.
  135. That prostitution should be legalised.
  136. That publicity is a better salesperson than quality.
  137. That racial equality is an impossible ideal.
  138. That racial vilification should be a crime.
  139. That religion has no place in man's advancement.
  140. That religion is the crutch of the weak.
  141. That religion is the opiate of the masses.
  142. That religious harmony is a myth.
  143. That religious sects should be free from government interference.
  144. That reproductive technologies are anti-women.
  145. That reward is more effective than punishment.
  146. That Russia should join NATO.
  147. That same-sex couple should be allowed to adopt children.
  148. That school days are the best days of our lives.
  149. That science has outlived its usefulness.
  150. That science is the alchemy of our age.
  151. That science should hang its head in shame.
  152. That sex education should be made compulsory.
  153. That sex isnot an art
  154. That single parent household is better than a traditional family of strife.
  155. That small government is the best government.
  156. That social injustice justifies political violence.
  157. That sovereignty is an outdated concept.
  158. That space should be left to itself.
  159. That sperm bank is just like any other banks.
  160. That sport is an opiate of the masses.
  161. That sportsmanship and commercialism are incompatible.
  162. That strikers should be sacked.
  163. That strikes are acts of war against the community
  164. That sustainable development is a myth.
  165. That sustainable development is an oxymoron.
  166. That teachers should retain the right to corporally punish pupils.
  167. That teachers should wear uniforms.
  168. That terrorism should not be publicised.
  169. That the Asian values are a barrier to development.
  170. That the baby bank was actually a good idea.
  171. That the best defence is a good offence.
  172. That the best things in life come in small packages.
  173. That the bride should wear black.
  174. That the capitalist system is doomed to collapse.
  175. That the carrot is more effective than the stick.
  176. That the cold war was the best deterrent.
  177. That the day of the amateur is over.
  178. That the developing nations should not follow the western model.
  179. That the expansion of NATO is a wrong move.
  180. That the female of the species is more deadly than the male.
  181. That the first fleet was an invasion.
  182. That the five day school week is too long.
  183. That the generation gap is a myth.
  184. That the government should no longer subsidise university education.
  185. That the governments should leave cults alone.
  186. That the Human rights are but a song and dance
  187. That the individual is being suppressed by the lobby group.
  188. That the information superhighway should have more traffic lights.
  189. That the jury get in the way of justice.
  190. That the keeping of pets in private homes should be made illegal.
  191. That the media has had a bad press.
  192. That the media is corrupting our society.
  193. That the media should have a greater sense of social justice.
  194. That the negative should buy a ticket to the farm
  195. That the New World Order has made a better world.
  196. That the new world order requires an international police force.
  197. That the North should pay for the protection of environmental assets.
  198. That the only human right is the right to good governance
  199. That the peace agreement on Mindanao was the right thing to do.
  200. That the peace in the Middle East is an illusion.
  201. That the pen is mightier than the sword.
  202. That the Pope should get married
  203. That the population explosion is more critical than nuclear hazards.
  204. That the president of the Republic should be elected by the people.
  205. That the press is depressing.
  206. That the press should print all the news.
  207. That the press should stay out of the bedroom.
  208. That the separation of the church and the state has gone too far.
  209. That the Singaporean justice system should be a model for us all.
  210. That the statue of liberty should face the other way
  211. That the strike is a fair weapon.
  212. That the sun is sinking on the west.
  213. That the UN should give up on Bosnia.
  214. That the UN should have a standing army.
  215. That the UN should take a greater role as a global enforcer.
  216. That the unipolar world is more peaceful.
  217. That the United Nations no longer lives up to its ideals.
  218. That the US is a better enemy than it is a friend.
  219. That the war on drugs is worth the fight
  220. That the West will regret free trade.
  221. That the Western way of life is doomed.
  222. That there are no inalienable rights.
  223. That there are too many squares inside the circle.
  224. That there is a different law for the rich.
  225. That there is always a next bus.
  226. That there is no case for terrorism.
  227. That there is no life in IIUM.
  228. That there is no such thing as a right to die.
  229. That there is no such thing as universal human rights.
  230. That there is too much secrecy in government.
  231. That there must always be the poor.
  232. That there should be mandatory jail sentence for those who pollute the environment.
  233. That there should not be cigarette sponsorship of sport.
  234. That third world aid should be dependent on birth control.
  235. That third world debt should be cancelled.
  236. That this house condemns the inclusion of Myanmar into ASEAN.
  237. That this house supports one term presidency.
  238. That this house will forgive and forget.
  239. That this house would open its doors to the world.
  240. That this house would say Yankee go home.
  241. That thou shalt not clone.
  242. That to preserve peace we should prepare for war.
  243. That tolerance costs too much.
  244. That tolerance is weakness.
  245. That tourism is debauching our culture.
  246. That trade rights should be linked to human rights.
  247. That trade unions have served their purpose.
  248. That trade unions have too much power.
  249. That trading hours should be unrestricted.
  250. That TV does more harm than good.
  251. That uncle Sam is a poor relation.
  252. That uncle Sam should stay at home.
  253. That unionism threatens democracy.
  254. That unions have served their purpose.
  255. That urban life is dehumanising.
  256. That video games are a waste of time.
  257. That we are becoming museum cultures
  258. That we are ruled by habit.
  259. That we are unworthy of our environment.
  260. That we can trust North Korea.
  261. That we cannot afford high wages.
  262. That we cannot afford the stars.
  263. That we have lost our faith in science.
  264. That we have lost our sense of adventure.
  265. That we need uncle Sam.
  266. That we place too much faith in the medical profession.
  267. That we should ban alcohol.
  268. That we should be our own censors.
  269. That we should eat our pizza backward.
  270. That we should fear Islam.
  271. That we should go where the next train goes.
  272. That we should grow cabbages rather than roses.
  273. That we should have more freedom.
  274. That we should legalise voluntary euthanasia.
  275. That we should legitimise alternative medicine
  276. That we should love our country right or wrong.
  277. That we should make first contact.
  278. That we should merge into one lane.
  279. That we should not play god with genes.
  280. That we should not trust men with centre parting.
  281. That we should privatise education
  282. That we should protect the private life of the preident
  283. That we should put uncle Sam behind the wheel.
  284. That we should ration the old to nurture the young.
  285. That we should regret the end of the cold war.
  286. That we should repatriate sll illegal immigrants
  287. That we should restrict vehicle access to the city
  288. That we should rethink affirmative action.
  289. That we should subsidize traditional industries
  290. That we should support the fishbal conspiracy
  291. That we should thank god for America.
  292. That we should trade land for peace.
  293. That we should wait and see.
  294. That we shouldn't trust anyone over thirty.
  295. That we west should leave the middle east alone.
  296. That we will only be post-feminist in post patriarchy.
  297. That we would rather be citizens of Singlasia.
  298. That we would rather be good looking than rich.
  299. That we would rather have jam in the hand than pie in the sky
  300. That we would re-unite the church and the state
  301. That we would take the sex industry off the street
  302. That while English remains the international language of the world, the West will hold over the rest.
  303. That White House is not meant for coloured residents.
  304. That wimboldon should offer equal prize money for men's and women's championship
  305. That women make better bosses.
  306. That women make better husbands.
  307. That women should be seen and not heard.
  308. That zoos should be closed.
  309. THBT A convicted rapist is no better than a murderer and should be sent to prison for life
  310. THBT a return to religion is the only solution to our present discontent
  311. THBT a womans intellegence is proportional to the length of her skirt
  312. THBT American automobiles are a better bargain than European automobiles
  313. THBT America's right is wrong
  314. THBT an Ethical Forigen policy is no forigen policy
  315. THBT appearance is more important than reality.
  316. THBT decommissioning should be a precondition to all party talks
  317. THBT democracy has failed the third world
  318. THBT DeV was a visionary
  319. THBT developing nations should adopt western feminism
  320. THBT education is a matter of faith
  321. THBT environmentalism is mostly hot air
  322. THBT extremism in the defence of liberty is no vice.
  323. THBT Famine is a human creation
  324. THBT freedom is wasted on the Russians
  325. THBT freedom of the individual is a myth
  326. THBT God is a woman
  327. THBT Government is on a slippery slope
  328. THBT he who controls Information Technology controls the world
  329. THBT hetrosexuals make better parents
  330. THBT humanitarism is a first world affectation
  331. THBT Irish Unionism has no place in the U.K.
  332. THBT Islam has recieved a bad press
  333. THBT it is better to be lucky than good.
  334. THBT libel law is a remedy for the rich
  335. THBT liberty must be rationed
  336. THBT marraige is an outdated institution
  337. THBT Marraige is for life
  338. THBT Michael Collins is judged by his words and DeValera by the his deeds
  339. THBT Motion pictures are a reflection of society norms
  340. THBT Nationalism is a hangover from History
  341. THBT Nationalism is the last refuge of the Scoundrel
  342. THBT Northern Nationalists have nothing to fear from a United Kingdom
  343. THBT Northerners do it better
  344. THBT OJ Simpson was Guilty
  345. THBT Parliamentary debate no longer has any relevence for the citizen
  346. THBT peer pressure is Tobacco's best salesman
  347. THBT Professional athletes are over paid
  348. THBT religion and politics don't mix
  349. THBT religious education is unwanted docternation
  350. THBT results more important than character in national leaders.
  351. THBT right wing politics are the way forward
  352. THBT science has made God redundant
  353. THBT sex kills romance
  354. THBT short men cast long shadows whilst the sun sets
  355. THBT smokers rights should be protected
  356. THBT smoking regulations are needed to reduce tobacco consumption in the United States
  357. THBT that Gerry Adam should still serve 3000 Life sentences
  358. THBT the collapse of the IRA ceasefire was a failure for the Irish Government
  359. THBT the Death Penalty is a necessity
  360. THBT the glass is half full
  361. THBT the information superhighway should have more traffic lights.
  362. THBT the Irish Farmer is outstanding in his field
  363. THBT the IRS needs to be abolished.
  364. THBT the melting pot has failed
  365. THBT the news should be interesting rather than important.
  366. THBT the OJ Simpson verdict was good for justice
  367. THBT the olympic ideal is dead
  368. THBT the pope should marry
  369. THBT the private lives ofpublic figures should remain private
  370. THBT the problem with political jokes is that them mostly get elected
  371. THBT the right to privacy is more important than the freedom of the press.
  372. THBT the right to strike should be given to all employees.
  373. THBT the shareholding Democracy is a receipy for disaster.
  374. THBT the source of crime is social Deprevation
  375. THBT the U.N. Should shape up or ship out.
  376. THBT the U.S. should police the world.
  377. THBT the Unites Nations is a spent force
  378. THBT the values of western civilisation cannot meet the challenges of the modern age
  379. THBT the white race should cop on
  380. THBT women should get an equal position in war with men
  381. This house believes in economis policy before social policy
  382. This house believes in love at first NIGHT
  383. This house believes in the right to march
  384. This house believes in the special relationship
  385. This house believes in trial by jury
  386. This house believes its good to talk
  387. This house believes nurses are good for you
  388. This house believes spin doctors should carry a Government Health Warning
  389. This house believes sthdents have never had it so good
  390. This house believes there is a crock of gold under the rainbow
  391. This house believes there's nothing quite like a McDonalds
  392. This house cannae give ye anymore, Captain.
  393. This house condones anti-drug vigilantes
  394. This house demande a right to privacy
  395. This house favours America's role as world policeman
  396. This house favours big government
  397. This house favours compulsary aids testing
  398. This house favours Genetic Engineering
  399. This house favours P.R. Over first past the post
  400. This house favours positive discrimination
  401. This house favours the death penalty
  402. This house favours zero tolerence
  403. This house has lost confidence in the Catholic Church
  404. This house has no confidence in her majesty's government
  405. This house Mourns the passing of Enoch Powell
  406. This house regrets the breakup of the USSR
  407. This house regrets the loss of cultural identity
  408. This house rejects concensus
  409. This house retains confidence in the peace process
  410. This house should support positive discrimination
  411. This house supports the right to strike
  412. This house wants its Dolly
  413. This house welcomes Clinton's victory
  414. This house will practice direct democracy.
  415. This house would abolish capital punishment
  416. This house would abolish the Senate
  417. This house would abolosh student Grants
  418. This house would adopt a green agenda
  419. This house would Ban "Michael Collins"
  420. This house would ban blood sports
  421. This house would Ban Boxing
  422. This house would ban Paul Gascoine
  423. This house would be proud of pride
  424. This house would beam Scotty up.
  425. This house would boldly go where no house has gone before.
  426. This house would build a Bridge to reality
  427. This house would bury the language
  428. This house would celebrate the Millenium
  429. This house would censor the internet
  430. This house would censor the surfers
  431. This house would choose life
  432. This house would Commemerate and be damned
  433. This house would genetically engineer farm animals
  434. This house would give national treasures back th the people
  435. This house would give racists a platform
  436. This house would give Russia back to the Communists
  437. This house would give the Affricannas a homeland
  438. This house would give votes to emigrants
  439. This house would heed its priests
  440. This house would increase the pay of TDs
  441. This house would join a European Defence alliance
  442. This house would leave the final frontier to fiction
  443. This house would legalise soft drugs
  444. This house would look to the east
  445. This house would look to the east for inspiration
  446. This house would makd the blood of the patriaricy run in the streets
  447. This house would make money out of the Holocaust
  448. This house would march against tuition fees
  449. This house would mind the gap
  450. This house would never talk to terrorists
  451. This House would not Negotiate before IRA decomminishing
  452. This house would party its way into the millenium
  453. This house would pay for a college education
  454. This house would perfer strong dictatorship over weak democracy
  455. This house would permit Gay couples to adopt
  456. This house would police the media with a privacy law
  457. This house would pop a pill and party
  458. This house would positively disctiminate
  459. This house would publish and be admned
  460. This house would put an immediate ban on landmines
  461. This house would put it's finger in the dyke
  462. This house would put pragmatism before its principles
  463. This house would put women in the front line
  464. This house would rebuild the Berlin Wall
  465. This house would reimpose Section 31 of the Broadcasting Act
  466. This house would re-introduce corporal punishment
  467. This house would reintroduce prohibition
  468. This house would reject semesterisation
  469. This house would reject the AIDs Myth
  470. This house would rejoin the commonwealth
  471. This house would remain outside the pale
  472. This house would revere the memory of the British Empire
  473. This house would rock the Cradle
  474. This house would sarcrifice economic Growth for the good of the environment
  475. This house would sink Brittannia
  476. This house would support the armed struggle
  477. This house would support the public funding of political parties
  478. This house would switch off Granny
  479. This house would take a virginity pledge
  480. This house would take that and party
  481. This house would test Nuclear Weapons
  482. This house would vote yes to bail reform
  483. This House would wait and see
  484. This house would watch more Television

Other topics

  1. A "wall of separation" should exist between church and state.
  2. A common culture is of greater value than a pluralistic culture.
  3. A government owes no duty to protect the welfare and rights of citizens of other nations.
  4. A liberal arts curriculum is preferable to an employment readiness curriculum in secondary schools.
  5. A nation's sovereignty ought to be valued over international order.
  6. A welfare system ought to place a higher value on creating jobs than on providing subsidies
  7. A world government is desirable.
  8. A world government will better insure peace.
  9. Advancements in mass communication will promote a better world.
  10. Advertising is unethical.
  11. Affirmative action to remedy the effects of discrimination is justified.
  12. All citizens ought to perform a period of national service
  13. An individual's freedom of expression is of greater value than social harmony.
  14. Capital punishment is immoral.
  15. Capital punishment is justified.
  16. Capital punishment should be abolished.
  17. Capitalism provides for a better society than socialism..
  18. Censorship of student publications by secondary school administrators is justified.
  19. Censorship of the media is immoral.
  20. Censorship undermines basic freedoms.
  21. Cigarette smoking at school is unjustifiable.
  22. Citizens ought to have the right to bear arms
  23. Civil disobedience in a democracy is justified.
  24. Civil disobedience is a valid form of protest.
  25. Community censorship of pornography is justified.
  26. Competition is superior to cooperation in achieving excellence.
  27. Compulsory military service should be banned.
  28. Contracts for surrogate child-bearing ought be enforceable.
  29. Contribution to society is the measure of individual worth
  30. Criminal behavior is biologically determined.
  31. Current methods of punishment are not rehabilitative.
  32. Dangerous sports should be banned from the curriculum.
  33. Discrimination against women for dangerous professions requiring strength is justifiable.
  34. Education should be provided by the state for every child.
  35. English is the most important language in the world today.
  36. European economic integration will enhance world trade.
  37. Euthanasia is a viable alternative for the terminally-ill patient.
  38. Euthanasia is justifiable.
  39. Feminism is a harmful ideology.
  40. Genetic engineering is immoral.
  41. Genetic engineering is unethical.
  42. Government by a benevolent dictator is preferable to a democracy.
  43. Government censorship of individual expression for the good of society is justified.
  44. Government has a duty to provide financial support for the arts.
  45. Government have a responsibility to regulate the content of information available to their citizens through the internet.
  46. Government that governs least governs best.
  47. Governmental invasion of individual privacy is justifiable.
  48. Hate crimes are justifiable.
  49. Hate speech ought to be censored for the good of society.
  50. High school students' right to confidentiality is of greater value than their parents' right to know.
  51. Homosexuality should be accepted by society.
  52. Human rights ought not be sacrificed for national security interests.
  53. If you try you can get what you need.
  54. Immigration restrictions are justifiable.
  55. In the criminal justice system truth-seeking ought to take precedence over privileged communication.
  56. Individuals with disabilities ought to be afforded the same opportunities as able-bodied athletes.
  57. It is better to be a dissatisfied socrates than a satisfied pig.
  58. Justice should always be tempered by mercy.
  59. Juvenile offenders convicted of heinous crimes should be executed.
  60. Laws which protect citizens from themselves are justified.
  61. Legalization of drugs is justifiable.
  62. Legalization of marijuana is justifiable.
  63. Legalizing drugs is justifiable.
  64. Living in a big city is better than living in a small village.
  65. Males and females are equally capable of doing any job.
  66. Mandatory drug testing of public officials is justified.
  67. Military action can reduce international terrorism.
  68. Military action will reduce international terrorism.
  69. Modern Technology- A Blessing or a curse
  70. Morality is relative to culture.
  71. National interest should be valued over moral principle in the conduct of foreign affairs.
  72. Nuclear power is the best energy option.
  73. Overpopulation is the problem.
  74. Parents are too permissive in the 1990s.
  75. Physician assistance in the suicide of gravely ill patients ought to be legalized.
  76. Pornography is immoral.-abortion is immoral.
  77. Preserving natural resources for future generations is more important than using them for the present.
  78. Protecting the environment ought to be a higher governmental priority than encouraging economic growth.
  79. Religious cults are dangerous to society.
  80. Restricting hate groups violates all others' rights.
  81. Rich nations have an obligation to help poor nations.
  82. Risking human life to gain greater scientific knowledge is unethical.
  83. School censorship of academic material is harmful to the educational development of high school students.
  84. School uniforms should be mandatory.
  85. Sexual discrimination and harassment are unethical and violators should be prosecuted.
  86. Showing disrespect for the american flag is antithetical to fundamental american values.
  87. Society has an obligation to care for the less well off.
  88. Society is well-served by the maintenance of a separate culture for the deaf.
  89. Society's obligation to the poor ought to be valued above individual economic freedom.
  90. Students and teachers should have equal input into matters concerning school.
  91. Suicide ought to be a crime.
  92. Surrogate motherhood is immoral.
  93. Surrogate motherhood is moral.
  94. Terminally ill patients have the right to die.
  95. Terrorism is justifiable.
  96. That public education after high school ought to be a privilege and not a right.
  97. The artist does more for society than the entrepreneur.
  98. The best way to achieve gender equality is to recognize the differences between men and women.
  99. The criminal justice system ought to place a higher value on rehabilitation than on retribution.
  100. The development of natural resources ought to be valued above the protection of the environment.
  101. The possession of nuclear weapons is immoral.
  102. The protection of society's health interests through broad-based mandatory testing for aids ought to be more important than personal privacy rights.
  103. The protection of society's health interests through broad-based mandatory testing for aids ought to be more important than personal privacy rights.
  104. The public's right to know ought to be valued above national security interests.
  105. The public's right to know outweighs a candidate's right to privacy.
  106. The pursuit of scientific knowledge ought to be limited by a concern for societal good.
  107. The restriction of civil liberties for the sake of combating terrorism is justified
  108. The sanctity of life ought to be valued over the quality of life.
  109. The school's right to search students and lockers is more important than a student's right to privacy.
  110. The spirit of the law ought to take precedence over the letter of the law.
  111. The united states ought to value global concerns above its own concerns.
  112. The victim in criminal and civil crimes should be compensated by the perpetrator.
  113. There is no meaning to life except the meaning an individual gives it.
  114. Total nuclear disarmament is desirable.
  115. Tougher sentencing will reduce crime.
  116. Tv and print journalism seeks sensationalism in news coverage.
  117. Tv and tv videos have a deleterious effect on our society.
  118. Ufos exist.
  119. United states military intervention in countries with civil unrest is justified.
  120. Use of animals in scientific and product testing is unjustifiable.
  121. Use of drugs in athletics undermines fair competition.
  122. Using the media to formulate public opinion is immoral.
  123. We treasure what we earn above what we are given.
  124. Welfare hurts the poor more than helping them.
  125. When an elected representative puts the opinion of his constituency above his personal judgment he fails to serve the public interest.
  126. When in conflict society's goal of eliminating discrimination ought to transcend an individual's right to participate in exclusive voluntary associations
  127. When in conflict, the right to a free press is a higher priority than the right to a fair trial.
  128. Wide population control is a moral imperative.
  129. You can't always get what you want.
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